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Discover the pinnacle of game ranches at the awe-inspiring Windmill Oasis Ranch, encompassing a sprawling 1,583 +/- acres. Renowned for its unparalleled quality, distinctive character, and three decades of dedicated land stewardship, this high fenced legacy ranch in San Saba, Texas, is an extraordinary opportunity with limitless potential!

Nestled a mere 4 miles south of San Saba, just off HWY 16, the Windmill Oasis Ranch is strategically positioned in close proximity to major feed stores, grocery outlets, restaurants, and more, ensuring convenient access to essential amenities.

20 miles North of Llano

60 miles northwest of Marble Falls

65 miles from Fredericksburg

89 miles from Georgetown

102 miles from Austin

104 miles from Boerne

114 miles from Waco

135 miles from San Antonio

167 miles from Ft. Worth


Superb Water Supply!

Water takes center stage at the Windmill Oasis Ranch, showcasing a robust supply from six strategically positioned water wells. This includes two solar wells, two windmills, and two submersible pumps, providing essential resources for a game ranch of this magnitude. The property's thoughtful design extends to cisterns strategically placed with overflow channels leading to earthen tanks and ponds, creating natural watering holes for the diverse wildlife inhabiting the ranch.

Wing hunters will find delight in the 3-4 surface ponds, two of which receive supplemental water from established ranch wells. These ponds, with some depths reaching approximately 7-10 feet, contribute a captivating dimension to the property, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and ecological diversity.

Adding to the character, Dry Simpson Creek, a seasonal water feature dissects the ranch. This watercourse meanders from the northern to the southern boundary, accompanied by a tributary that ultimately feeds into the renowned San Saba River. The distinctive rock bottom features of this creek present a unique opportunity for further development, potentially expanding the surface water on the ranch exponentially. Such enhancements could elevate the ranch's natural beauty and richness.


Managed under MLD LVL III, the Windmill Oasis Ranch upholds a harmonious 1:15 Deer to Acre ratio and is granted 40-45 MLD tags annually for combined bucks and does. Enclosed within high-quality fencing, the ranch is host to an enhanced whitetail herd, showcasing improved genetics rooted in South Texas. The result is a robust population of whitetail deer, consistently yielding impressive bucks ranging from the 140's to 170's during hunting seasons.

Beyond the captivating whitetail population, the ranch provides exceptional recreational possibilities with a diverse array of wildlife. From ducks and doves to turkeys, hogs, and axis, the Windmill Oasis Ranch offers a rich tapestry of species for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or someone seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, this ranch promises a remarkable and varied experience in the heart of Texas.

Terrain and Vegetation:

Relish the gentle undulation of the terrain at Windmill Oasis Ranch, offering extraordinary vistas that create perfect settings for future lodge construction. The landscape is adorned with scattered Oak Trees nestled among Oak Mottes, accompanied by tall native grasses that evoke the expansive beauty of the Great Plains and the Hill Country. This captivating scene is the result of a meticulous cedar/cactus clearing regime, enhancing the natural charm of the ranch and providing an idyllic backdrop for those seeking to build their dream lodge amidst the tranquility and scenic splendor of Texas.

The Windmill Oasis Ranch provides a solid foundation for crafting your own legacy ranch, complete with pristine water infrastructure and electricity. This ranch is truly a blank canvas, offering the perfect opportunity to build your dream ranch home.

If you are in search of a prestigious Texas Ranch with the potential to create a lasting legacy for generations, explore the remarkable offerings of the Windmill Oasis Ranch. Contact Texas Landmen for additional information and to seize this unique opportunity that awaits you.

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