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The Lagos Azules Ranch consists of approximately 12,000 acres of mountains, cultivated fields, ski lakes, creek and river frontage.

This property is located 90 miles west of Dallas, Texas, and just over an hour from Fort Worth.

The views here are larger than life. Visitors remark with awe and wonder as they learn that everything within site is part of this immense ranch. Elevations range from 900 feet on the valley floors up to nearly 1,500 feet on the peaks of the hills and mountains on the ranch. The hills surround and shelter the valleys within the ranch, providing a feeling of security and offering up spectacular views from the peaks and the lower areas.

Within the valleys, numerous lakes have been constructed ranging in size from 8 acres to 50 acres. These expansive water features are home to various species of waterfowl and fish. All are large enough to enjoy angling, canoeing, or kayaking, and some are of sufficient size for water skiing or boating. Water for these lakes comes from the huge watersheds that cascade rainwater down the 500-foot hills and are captured by the massive dams.

In addition to these major water features, several smaller ponds are present throughout the ranch to water the cattle and wildlife. These ponds range in size from one-half to one acre and are strategically located throughout the acreage.

Natural waterways are also plentiful with nearly four miles of the creek flowing through the property. This creek passes through deep pools of water, shallower areas with hard rock bottoms, and is accessed via three major vehicle crossings. The waterway provides an additional water source for wildlife and livestock, and also a habitat for countless animals that roam these lands. 

The rolling plains within the ranch are home to various species of trees, including live oak, blackjack oak, Texas red oak, post oak, mesquite, ashe juniper, pecan, and others. In the spring, the bluebonnets and Indian blankets come alive to create splashes of color along the plains. Native grasses such as little bluestem and the state grass of Texas -- side-oats grama -- are present in large quantities. The ranch is well-balanced with equal portions of pasture, native covered hills, and maintained fields. Over 600 acres of the ranch is comprised of cultivated fields which serve for one of the most unique dove hunting experiences in North Texas.

Several all-weather roads have been constructed in the valleys, totaling over 14 miles of easily-traversed thoroughfares. In addition, countless Jeep trails and paths provide access to hunting blinds, also offering up opportunities for hiking and photography excursions.

To learn more about the opportunities to be found at the Ranch, contact the Duperier Texas Land Man.

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